Monday, 19 September 2016

Mandy's Hair Removal- Hot Waxes and Strip review



I wanted to go for waxing... I'm not blessed with a lot of body hair. Barely there is what I would describe it as- but it's there. So why not do it myself... at my own pace for a fraction of the price.

So i started researching at home waxes... I love DIY and it looked fine to do with some help with my other half.. At first I was considering sugar waxing but after looking around Mandy's was the range that stood out- locally made, a friend swears by their sensitive wax strips and they were affordable. The sugar waxing was disastrous, and that was after 2 solid set bowls full of "candy". I'll leave it to Mandy's...

Sunday, 18 September 2016

DIY Gel nails with Precision Gel Polish- Planet Nails South Africa

Hello everyone... is still getting in the way. But lets get right to it. PS: I've been working on this for a week+

I love having a DIY gel mani. Being a working mom, I feel guilty spending my hard earned money on nails... especially if I can do them myself. So 2 years ago I convinced my husband to buy me the Sensationail kit by Nailene (it was readily available- not so much anymore). I paid R799 for the kit- which supplies enough polish to give you 5 full manis. Your investment will be paid up by the 4th.