Thursday, 28 January 2016

Easy Fridge Cheesecake


Most people that knows me knows... I love a fridge tart. Peppermint, cremora, marshmallow, yoghurt... I love them and so does my Husband and more recently my son has started liking them too. My husband and I (and my son but who am I kidding- he just makes the process longer LOL) whipped up one on Saturday evening for Sunday in less than 30 mins- clean up included!

For this recipe you will need:

1 x Pack of 80g Strawberry Jelly or flavor of your choice
1 x Cup (250ml) of boiling water
1 x Tub 230g Plain Cream Cheese
1 x Can of Condensed Milk
1 x Orley Whip Dessert Topping or Cream

2 Packs of Tennis Biscuits for the crust
FYI I do not like the butter and tennis biscuit mix for a base. I have a perfect square dish which I just pack them in.

For the base:
Arrange tennis biscuits on bottom and sides of dish- square will work best. You can use a double layer on the bottom but I'm not a huge lover of Tennis Biscuits so I just do single. Set aside

1. Mix Jelly and boiling water and stir until it's dissolved. Set aside to cool for a bit but NOT set- not even slightly set! I just pop it in the fridge cos it's a quick recipe.
2. Beat the cream cheese with electric mixture till is smooth- add condensed milk to cream cheese and mix well with electric mixer.
3. In a seperate bowl beat Orley Whip/ Cream until soft peaks form.
4. Now the final step for the mixture, Mix together the Jelly that has slightly cooled with the cream cheese mixture. Lastly add the cream and mix together (I cannot call it "fold it in". Because the mixture is like a milkshake! So I just beat it with the mixer as well on lowest speed and until it's just mixed).

Now you can S L O W L Y pour the mixture over the biscuits. It's really thin and if you're not careful the biscuits will move out of place. I add a layer of tennis biscuits in the middle but you have to get someone to hold the biscuits in place with a fork- they lift easily as the mix is thin. Otherwise if I'm alone I just pour it super slow and I don't pour it down on one area- I move along the biscuits just so they stay in pace and if they list a bit I just poke them down with a fork.

Refrigerate overnight- the mixture sets beautifully and you get a soft, fluffy result with no jelly feeling- I hate fridge tarts that are stiff like jelly. You can make it any flavor you want. You don't taste the cream cheese like you would with a lemon one but I love this one much more.

My favourite will always be yoghurt tart though- but this one takes second place xxx

I will post pics as soon as I make it again- unfortunatelly it was all gone before I could take a picture.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Stay Stuck Labels


A Mommy post <3 I thought what the heck- let's get a Mom touch on here. It's what I spend most of my days doing- even when I'm at work I think about Mom things. What's my son doing, did he eat his lunch at school today, did he put his cap on when he played outside, etc. And true to my blog name- he is what I love most in life:) At 5 he just cracks me up!

I recently ordered labels from Stay Stuck- seeing as my son is going to start Grade 1 soon. It's still a while to go- but I prefer to be prepared. And I will use some of them now- I have to mark his lunch box, etc and clothing. I'm not THAT worried about lost clothes this year- but school clothes is expensive!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Planet Nails Nail Foils

Hey everyone

Since my last post hubby has been so kind to take me to mmy local planet nails to buy some nail foils.

Once again they didn't have stock of the soak off base/top coat as it's soooo popular but at least I didn't leave emptihanded.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nail Foils...where to find, adhesive, ect

Hello everyone

My latest addiction is nail foils.

In the search to achieve mirror effect chrome nails I was browsing the internet to find a nail polish to give me that effect,just to realise it's not possible.

But I did find that minx and nail foils can get you the true reflective metallic kook I was looking for.

BHE Hair Straightener Update & Pics :)

Hey everyone:)

Thought I would do a little follow up- because I'm really loving my hair at the moment!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

#2015 #Beauty Bargains:) #Sale

Hey everyone:)

A HAPPY 2016. I hope this is a great year for everyone and I will have a higher spot on the blog-chain by 2017:)

I love sharing and saving and what better place than here:) Well if you know me then you'll know I can't pass up a bargain. I simply love saving money LOL.

This past week after Christmas Dis-Chem's Big cosmetics sale started. I managed not to buy any fragrance sets that were half price- but the sale is still on :)