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Caribbean Tan South Africa

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I'vedeeen super quiet but Murphy doesn't want to give me a break! I've been busy with school, illness and just getting back in the swing of things.

Today I want to show you the Caribbean Tan range. I've always accepted my super fair skin- only6 remotely tanned place is my arms (which changes halfway up so ya) and my feet. I have a love for Ipanema and wear them most of the time so where most people's feet are lighter than their legs- mine is the other way around.

I will be breaking down the whole range and reviewing them separately. Please bear in mind that I have NEVER used and self tans before and this is my honest opinion on the Caribbean tan range. I also will probably not try another product as the other's are WAY too expensive for 2 weeks of tanned legs (the only part I will use it for)

Caribbean Tan is a South African product distributed by Cosmetix in South Africa (think Essence and Catrice) and endorsed by celebrities like ex Miss SA Cindy Nell-Roberts. It's available at Dis-Chem, Clicks and online stores like Lush and Takealot.

Caribbean Tan Products

You have 3 colours to choose from- depending on which colour you are currently, not how dark you want to be. Choosing a colour that's too dark for your natural skin colour will result in orange skin.


A: Fair -Burns Easily, Tans Minimally
B: Medium- Tans Gradually
C: Brown- Rarely Burns, Tans Well

I am a obvious A- I am as light as a piece of copy paper and I can never tan- I get burns. And if I can achieve a tan I get slightly burnt and I peel within a week.

The range has 4 types of products- Pre-Tan, Self-Tan, Sun Protection and Tan X-Tenders- there is also a SPF range.

The Pre-Tan Range

1. Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator (R59.95)
"A natural sugar exfoliator to remove dead skin cells to create the perfect canvas for your tan. Infused with jojoba oil to restore moisture, leaving you with soft, smooth skin"

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells. If you apply your tan to un-exfoliated skin your tan will exfoliate with your skin- leaving you with a patchy tan. It smells like heaven in a tub! I crave pancakes every time I use it. It's a really good exfoliator! I have keratosis pilaris and it really helps those clogged pores. It has a type of oily base and it leaves my skin feeling sooo silky soft!

2. Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter (R59.95)
" Formulated to prolong the life of your Caribbean Tan while nourishing, moisturising and hydrating your skin. Use daily"

You need to make sure your skin is moisturized so that the tan will not seep into dry skin, and these products are made to go with each other. It smells just as delicious as the scrub. I really love the body butter. It absorbs into the skin so quickly and I'm not left with the sticky feeling that most body butters give me! I will be replacing my current body cream with the Caribbean Tan Body Butter- just not to use with the tanning products.

It's recommended that you exfoliate and moisturize at least 6 hours before self-tan application.

The Self-Tan Range

There are so many products to choose from so you WILL find something that's perfect for you. There are 2 different types of products-
*Instant - which gives you a instant bronzed look and develops into a deeper tan over 8 hours
*Gradual - which is a clear solution which develops over 8 hours.

All products (except the tanning wipes) are available in shade A, B and C

1. Tanning Spritzer (R99.95)
" Our original salon-inspired liquid formula. Created to give you a rich, deep, instant tan. Leaves the skin immediately bronzed while developing a long-lasting tan over 8 hours. (5 minutes to dry)"

This is a Instant  tanning product.It comes with an application mitt. It comes in a spray bottle (not aerosol). You spray the spritzer on your body and work it in circular motions with the included application mitt to ensure even, streak free coverage.

2. Tan In A Can Instant
" A fine tanning spray with instant colour. Delivers a deep, even, seamless tan. Gives an immediate bronze that develops over 8 hours. (10 minutes to dry)"

As the name says- this is a Instant tanning product. You apply it one can length (about 25cms) away from the skin in swift circular motions. You can use an application mitt to blend it in around your ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.

3. Tan In A Can Gradual (R99.95)
" A clear tanning spray that develops over 8 hours into a deep, even, seamless tan. (8 minutes to dry)"

This product is the same as the Tan in a Can gradual- but it's a clear liquid that develops into a can over 8 hours. It does not state to blend at ankles, knees, elbows or wrists but I still do just to make sure the tan will be even as it develops. It's better to do it in a area with a lot of light so that you will be able to see where you've applied it- it has an oily finish when you apply it so you will easily be able to see if you missed a spot.

4. Bronzing Mousse (R99.95)
" A super lightweight, easy-to-apply clear mousse that delivers an even, all over tan in 8 hours. Preferred by many for its non-stick, quick-drying formula. (3 minutes to dry)"

This is a Gradual product. It's a white, lightweight mousse which is rubbed in by hands like a lotion. You can also use the mitt to apply it if you do not want to get tanning product on your hands. Make sure to wash your hands at least twice after application. This is the fastest drying product in the range.

5. Tanning Wipes (R59.95)
" Suitable for all skin types (A, B & C). Ideal for tanning touch-ups, face-tanning and travel. 6 x individually wrapped wipes."

This is a Gradual product. These tanning wipes are great for touch ups. You can also use them on a body part eg for legs for a easy no fuss tan. The are suitable for A, B and C tones. There are 6 wipes included in the package and they are really saturated so be careful of any dripping that might occur during application.

6. Self Tan Application Mitt (R22.95)
" A plastic-lined self tan application mitt suitable for applying all Caribbean Tan self-tan products. Use for face and body application and for removing excess tan from feet and elbows. Ensures even, streak-free application and protects the palms from staining. Wash with warm, soapy water after use. Replace after 6 months."

This is a nice extra to have. No worries about stained palms and it works really well. It's well prices vs other options on the market and works amazingly to blend the products onto the skin. It's especially handy with the gradual formula where you can't see if you have any product left with on your hands. Make sure to wash after every application.

The Sun Protection Range

The products in this range is to help you achieve a better tan and it enhances your tan. It has SPF to protect you from the sun's harsh rays and it suitable for all skin tones.

1. Bronzing Milk (R94.95)
" Suitable for all skin types (A, B & C). Ideal for tanning touch-ups, face-tanning and travel. 6 x individually wrapped wipes"


This product is available in SPF15 and SPF20. It gives an instant bronze to skin and helps your skin to tan better. Please keep in mind that even though it's bronzing- it's a sunscreen so you will have to reapply if you are spending extended periods in the sun. The excess bronzer will wash off when you shower leaving you with healthily tanned skin.

2 Bronzing Facial Moisturizer (R94.95)
"Sun protection Tinted Facial Moisturiser
SPF 20. The Bronzing Moisturiser is an innovative three-in- one product. It's a daily moisturising cream. It's a sun protector with a SPF 20. It's a bronzer to give you a a healthy Summer glow. It's the end to layering of products on your face every morning!"

This is a 3 in one product. It has SPF20, it's a moisturizer and it's a bronzer! It leaves you with a healthy glow and perfect base for your make up.

3. Protection in a Can (R94.95)
"Sun protection & tan enhancer
SPF 15/ SPF 30. This sun protection spray comes in a SPF 15 factor for olive toned skins and a SPF 30 factor for fairer skin. The aerosol can offers a convenient application method. It's the end of messy bottles in your beach bag! The clear spray doesn't only provide sun protection it also has special ingredients that work to tan your skin faster so that you spend less time lying in the sun." 

This aerosol sunscreen is available in SPF15 and SPF30. It's convenient and no more messy tubes of sunscreen in a bag. It's also not as sticky as conventional sunscreen and re-application is a breeze.

Tan X-Tenders

1. Milk and Honey Body Butter (R59.95)
" Formulated to prolong the life of your Caribbean Tan while nourishing, moisturising and hydrating your skin. Use daily"

It's recommended that you moisturize at least every 2nd day to prolong the life of your tan. It's in bot

2. Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer (R59.95)

"Gives your skin a beautiful, subtle and glamorous glow. Suitable for any occasion or just to feel gorgeous. Just the right amount of micro-sparkles to even out skin-tone, making small imperfections less noticeable."

This  is a bronzed moisturizer that will give your skin an instant bronzed glow and hide any minor imperfections. Moisturize hands well or apply with a tanning mitt as it can cause some stained palms.

How to apply:

1. Exfoliate
2. Moisturize
*Be sure to do the above steps at least 6 hours before application and to shave. Self tan on freshly shaved legs left a stinging sensation. Focus on knees, elbows, ankles*
3. Apply chosen self tan
-Tan in a can- Spray in swift circular motions one can length from skin. Hold can further when doing feet and hands- hold hands in claw when doing hands
-Mousse- apply to skin- clasping at ankles/ wrists and spread from there. Make sure it's rubbed in well
-Tanning Spritzer- spray on skin and blend in circular motions with tanning mitt
4. Allow to dry
5. Wear loose dark clothing. Any product that ends up on clothes can be washed out as it's water solubale.
6. Shower 8 hours later- avoid exercising, bathing, swimming for at least 8 hours.
7. Your tan will last up to 2 weeks with the right maintenance- moisturize every day or at least every 2nd day. Chlorine shortens your tan so avoid pools if you want your tan to last, shower instead of bathing, do not dry yourself with a towel vigorously, do not exfoliate unless you plan to reapply your tan.

Check out the "How To" videos on the Caribbean Tan YouTube Channel

Enjoy your bronzed look with Caribbean Tan  :)

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That's it for the range. I will be revieving the products that I own as I use them- I have 90% of the range and will give my honest opinion of each one and which one I love the most.


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