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BHE Hair Styler Review

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It's been so hectic- silly season and retail = early to bed for me.

BHE stands for Beautiful Hair Everyday :)

I've been sooo lucky and I've most recently won a brand spanking new styler on the market- a BHE styler.

Let's do the nitty gritty first...

Here's what BHE promises:

 "Beautiful Hair Everyday with smart plate technology:

- Kera Therapy protein infused plates assists in smoothing the cuticles and heal the hair, in time of split ends and damaged hair.

- Keratin is a naturally occurring protein, which is a vital element in strong, healthy hair. Next generation ceramic plates are infused with Keratin proteins that transfer to your hair during styling and last the life of the product, leaving no oily residue.

- Unique Ion lock technology locks in the negative ions on the hair for a smoother shinier longer lasting style.

- Intele-sense on the plates ensures an even heat distribution on the plates for effortless and smooth gliding and styling

Keratin infused ceramic plates for shine and smooth gliding - BHE Stylers’ Keratin infused ceramic plates for ultimate shine and ultra-smooth gliding. Advanced temperature control : - The BHE Styler has a temperature range from as low as 100 Degrees to as high as 220 Degrees allowing you to achieve a whole range of finishes from natural curls and waves to smoothing a blow dry. 360 Degrees Swivel cord : - BHE Stylers unique swivel cord lets you enjoy incredible freedom of movement when hair styling, allowing you to create something wonderful without worry or hassle, the cord will simple swivel around on the base to support your every move. Protective heat guard: - The protective heat guard clasps neatly over your irons plates, allowing you to leave them to cool down safely. Hibernation mode: - The hibernation mode delivers intelligent sleep technology that automatically kicks in when the irons have been switched on, but not used for 20 minutes. When the irons go into hibernation mode they will cool down fully. International voltage: - BHE Stylers can be operated with mains voltage ranging from 90v-240v, 50Hz ac, and will automatically adjust themselves to the varying power source Two Year Guarantee: - In the unlikely event that your BHE product develops a fault, it is covered by a two year manufacturing warranty."

I could not find anything on the website- BUT they have temperature memory. So when you style your hair at eg 220 degrees and you switch off the styler- next time you use it it will automatically adjust to your last used temp.

The technical features that stand out most to me are:
*The temperature memory
*KERATIN infused plates
*Variable temperature

The even heat distribution and swivel cord are a given in most up market stylers so I would not expect anything less:)


One thing that Salon Online does sooo well is packaging. It comes via the courier in a normal box, inside there's the iron, a carry bag, a pamphlet and a few luxury samples from No Inhibition- Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil! So thoughtful! (I looked for my cloud nine box and found about 10 packets of Milk_Shake samples I have forgotten about...Oops)

The box is white and purple. Inside the box there's the iron and 2 crocodile clips and an invinsi-bobble! So you've got clips sorted and something to tie your hair with after straightening, all you need is a comb- or if you use your hands you're good to go.. I sweat a lot from my face/ scalp so the first thing I usually do (especially in summer) is tie my hair up and just never wear it loose because of the kink. so huge plus there :) I sleep with the invinsibobble right on top of my head and during the morning rush before work and when I take it out there's no ponytail bump.

The straightener has a really long cord which swivels with ease. The plates are purple and the heat proof cap (of whatever you call it) is also purple. I always have to buy velcro to tie up the cord- the straightener comes with the velcro already attached to the cord. They've thought of everything:)

There is a little heat proof bag at the bottom! BONUS. I was trying to figure out where to store the straightener but problem solved.

The Styler:

The feel of the iron is similar in luxury to the cloud9, since the cloud9 is a wide and this one an original it's much, much lighter. The heat settings are easily adjustable and it heats up fast- it indicated that it's ready for use which the cloud9 does not do- that's a huge plus. It was one of my pet hates with the Cloud9. I had to watch the straightener to see when the temp I wanted was reached.

There isn't a separate on/off and temp switch- it's all in one. So you press the temp up button and the styler goes on with a beep. I set the temp to 200 like I do with my Cloud9. I did struggle to figure out how to switch off the iron- holding down the temp down button turns the styler off. To get it to 200 on next use- I put in on to 220 and quickly press and hold the off button. It goes down to 200 when you press the off/temp down button so I just put it one setting higher before switching off and the straightener starts up on 200 :)

The plug is the normal flat 2 point plug- not the round one so your usual adapter will do and you don't need a special one that takes a round 2 point plug.

The plates are sparkly and purple and smooth! The straightener is SO light compared to my wide- really easy on my wrists. I can finally do curls with ease:)


A bit of background- I have naturally curly super fine hair. The kind that's frizzy as soon as I'm anywhere too humid and touch ups are a must. I get kinks easily and in summer my bangs will get frizzy and need touch ups with a hair dryer to get it straight.

OMW. The straightener glides through my hair. It does not snag at all. I really need a haircut- I could see my split ends but the straightener managed to smooth them out beautifully and they go unnoticed.

I set the temp to 200- I'm sure I could do 220 but with my other straightener my hair smelt burnt so I'm sticking to 200- I have fine hair but anything lower and I'm stuck with frizz.
UPDATE: I can use the straightener on the max temp of 220- no burnt smell- no frazzled ends :)

It took me about 10mins to straighten my hair, It's just to smooth it out just before bed as I was planning to wear my hair in a ponytail because this Cape Town heat is getting to me.

My hair is a bit frizzy at the moment but it's not the straightener, I was walking around with washed hair with conditioned to keep the curls daily for a week- my hair does not like that at all but it was just too hot!

I will do a separate post where I focus on usage without all the extra info. I just wanted to give you all the info before raving on about it.


I give the straightener 9/10. There's a clicking noise that comes from the side- where the joint is. Will find out if it's supposed to move in/out and result in the clicking noise I keep hearing.

I have always gotten better results from GHD than Cloud9, but the Cloud9 was fine. This straightener gives me better results than a GHD, I can set the temp and it's better packaged and has a better feel to it. It's almost like the old school GHD's, the ones that made your hair better than the new ones that's coming out now.

It's quite a big investment, But if you compare the 3 I would go for BHE- it has a 2 year guarantee. Could9 has 1 Year and I'm not sure about GHD but the norm these days are 1 year. I love a company that has so much confidence in their product that they are willing to have 2 year guarantee. It makes the decision much easier.


The Lovely super soft heat resistant bag is an extra special surprise, hidden beneath the styler:)

Beauty... 2 crocodile clips that's great quality and it works perfectly for my super thin hair... which everything falls out of LOL Invinsibobble is a awesome extra. No more kinks
I have yet to try these... will post a review as soon as it's used. No Inhibition is a wonderful product- in love with the 12 wonders so looking forward to using these babies #Christmas2015

Stunningly packaged. Straightener, Carrier bag, Luxury samples :)

Hope you enjoyed this review.
I've used the straightener a few times since. Got a haircut and all the damaged ends are gone. I'm officially converted. I will be taking it along to the salon in future and will not be using their straighteners.
All the products mentioned and more are available online from Salon Online.

Mwah xxx

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