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Stay Stuck Labels


A Mommy post <3 I thought what the heck- let's get a Mom touch on here. It's what I spend most of my days doing- even when I'm at work I think about Mom things. What's my son doing, did he eat his lunch at school today, did he put his cap on when he played outside, etc. And true to my blog name- he is what I love most in life:) At 5 he just cracks me up!

I recently ordered labels from Stay Stuck- seeing as my son is going to start Grade 1 soon. It's still a while to go- but I prefer to be prepared. And I will use some of them now- I have to mark his lunch box, etc and clothing. I'm not THAT worried about lost clothes this year- but school clothes is expensive!

Stay Stuck is an online store situated in Durban, South Africa. They do a range of labels, from iron on to personalized gift tags with a photo.

This was my first label ordering experience and I did not know what to expect- should I just send through the name and which label and they print? Should I give the measurements? What color?

Much to my surprise there's a range of labels available online in South Africa. I tried some if the other online stores' label design interactive tool- but you're really stuck between 2 fonts, plain white, with a logo if you want, and you can't really resize it much or else everything isn't on the label.

Stay Stuck is different. You customize it just like you want!You can drag and move- just like in a word document and resize like you want- if it's too big the software will resize it so that it fits automatically. With the other site I tried the name came up half when resized.

There is an instructional video on the website in both Afrikaans and English that shows you how to use the tool. I made the labels without watching the video- it's really easy and fun as well.

Being the boring girl that I am- I chose the same font on all the labels. And it's the "default" font named "Pooh". I just loves the plain, bold, clear font, plain with a unisex any age look. Some of the fonts are nice- but not practical. I want my 5 year old to be able to recognize his belongings, and having a clear, easy to read font is more important than looks. Thin fonts on a colored background will be very hard to see as well.

There's a range of pictures, I went for some budget labels mostly- as he may not like a picture of a cute lion by the time he's 7, so I just went for normal labels with just his name and my number. You can add pictures to most of the normal labels.

Here's what you can edit on the labels- depending on what you take.

Budget Labels: Clear Mini, Multipurpose, Iron On
PS: They are standard black and white labels
On these labels you can change the font- type, size, layout

Normal Labels: Multipurpose, Iron On
On these labels you can change the background color, font, color of font and add a picture from their gallery.

Normal Labels- Iron On and Shoe Spots
These labels will always have a white background.
You can add a picture and edit the font as you like.

Normal Labels: Stationery, Pencil Labels
These labels you can change the background color and font to add a name. The pencil labels are wrap around labels:)

The iron on labels need heat of 150 Celsius and a dry iron. I still have to test these. Basically you pull it off of the packing- place it where you want to ans cover it with grease proof paper that they provide. Then you apply firm pressure for 10-20 seconds, let the label cool down and remove the paper backing. I have to test it on some scrap because if the iron is too cool it won't stick and if the iron is too hot the label will melt. You also cannot iron on it once it's been placed- like most shirts with print are that you buy at clothing stores.

I put the order through last week Wednesday evening- they received it Thursday morning first thing and they let me know it will be dispatched early the next week. It was dispatched on Tuesday, I received it on Thursday. I'm super impressed with the delivery time- seeing as they have a backlog with back to school and I'm far away from them- I was pretty impressed with delivery a week later.

The labels are extremely strong and thick. I ordered a bag tag which I love. Which has a picture on, his name and my number in case he loses his bag. And next year if someone else has the same bag as him he will easily be able to identify his bag.

I stuck labels on the necessary at the moment- lunch box, bottle, still have to do his other small bits this weekend and test the iron on labels

With regards to pricing they are very affordable- their "budget labels" are the normal labels for other companies- and their school pack is really affordable with everything you need. I bought a huge pack of budget labels- R179 for 169 labels. The local seller here charges R250 for 100 labels. That's R1.10 per label vs R2.50 per label.

I hope you order from stay stuck labels. They are affordable, fast and excellent service xxx

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