Monday, 18 January 2016

Planet Nails Nail Foils

Hey everyone

Since my last post hubby has been so kind to take me to mmy local planet nails to buy some nail foils.

Once again they didn't have stock of the soak off base/top coat as it's soooo popular but at least I didn't leave emptihanded.

I bought 3 nail foils- didn't want to buy a lot and have trouble applying them. I've read on some blogs that some foils apply better than other's so decidede to take 3- and the fact that I dodn't quite know what I had at home did not help either. I have pics on my phone now for future reverence.

Unfortunately they did not have plain silver and the only single solid colour they had was red- so I went for a silver holo, plain red and glitter pink- seeing as I have o many pinks I will be able to use as a base coat.

These are much better value for money. The ones I bought previously was 10 rolls of 30cm each for R70, so R7 each and there's a bit more than 30cm in there (lets say 33cm to make things easy) so it works out to aboout R23.33 per metre.

The planet nails ones are all seperate in a little pill bottle style container with a screw off lid (white the other is in packaging) and there's a metre in there for only R12. The foils apply easily and you can store it in the container easily without worrying that it will get scratched or damaged in any way.  Much much better value for money- but I like the previous set as well. I have a range to choose from and the 1m length will last a really long time.

You can also buy foils and a lot of other nail goodies online, check out their website. You will also see how cheap they are compared to other store brand products.

The mani lasted for about 3 days looking decent- I didn't apply a top coat- because I forgot the Rimmel clear polish is not actually a top coat and it just really slipped my mind.

It wasn't bad for a first attempt, I could have done better with better lighting but it was unbearably hot! Please excuse the photos, sometimes I feel my camera's quaality it too good! Can see every little flaw but I promise- it looks presentable and eye catching :)

Chinese set ith 10 foils

Planet nails Foils

The other 2 foils up close

My next attempt will be with the silver foils, hopefully I will have enough time to apply a gel top coat. It's just a bit hectic at the moment- it's hectic with the school run and having little outings during the week so home time is chill time (and catch up wiith how to get away with murder, now I can't wait for Feb!)

Till next time :)


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