Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nail Foils...where to find, adhesive, ect

Hello everyone

My latest addiction is nail foils.

In the search to achieve mirror effect chrome nails I was browsing the internet to find a nail polish to give me that effect,just to realise it's not possible.

But I did find that minx and nail foils can get you the true reflective metallic kook I was looking for.

Minx was hard to find so I was off to get nail foils, and I found a nice set at the Chinese for R70. It included crappy top coat and a white base coat instead of adhesive, but hey it's the Chinese.

So next step, adhesive. All over the internet you find the "best glue ever", which is not available so I searched for a South African tacky glue. Nail adhesives are hard to come by, but I found a great glue at PNA. It cost R22 for 50mls of glue and it's made by heritage, it's called tac tac glue. You can also buy online from Brasch Hobby. DO NOT use it without a base coat on your natural nail- mine rubbed off in a sticky mess. It needs something to stock to.

The effect is the same you see in the tutorials, it applies milky and is clear when dry. I had a bit of trouble first time, due to being in a rush to see if it works. It pulled off my base coat and the foil stuck to my nails. i applied directly from the bottle and did not wait for it to dry properly.

The net day i chucked the crappy white base cot, cleaned the bottle with pure acetone and fulled it up with glue to be able to get a thin application. The glue still looks unused and it will last forever LOL. I tester the foils on some paper to make sure it wasn't the foil- i bought it at the chinese so I had to make sure. I applied some glue in a z on some black cardboard, did some stuff I had to do and forgot about it for a bit and came back to apply the foil- it worked beautifully!

So i decided to ditch the polsih base and just applied my mavala base coat. After I applied the glue and waited longer than 5 mins- because I tested it at work the previous day and I knew it stayed tacky no matter how long I dry it. I applied the foil in the colour I like least on my nails- red- and it came out beautifully. Full nail no tears, no folds. I did watch a lot of tutorials before hand so I had a god idea what to do.

The top coat is just a bit of an issue- the Mavala base coat didn't affect the foil as much but there was still some cracks that's unnoticable- I did notice that the red of the foil was on the brush and Idon't want to spoil my base coat so I won't be using it as a top coat over foils. I tested the piece that I did on the black cardboard with the rimmel 60 seconds polish with about the same results, so I will be using that (i was wondering what I would use the clear polish for).

Hope this helps all the South African ladies that wants to do nail foils. It's really pretty and the effect you can't get with any other nail art that I know of.

The nail foils are also available from Plant Nails, I will be going there to see what they have, they are R15 a pop and I'm looking for a plain silver foil still. The ones from the chinese are about 50cm in length and the box says it will last 20 manicures. It's a fake "As seen on Tv Fab Foils" kit. The foils in them are beautiful and I like all of them.

The pics where taken a day later so I do have some tipwear and no base coat. Just want to show you the results. It still looks the same today, a bittle bit more tipwear so the glue works really great. I've since painted the rest of my nails a dark red shade by rimmel and I have one accent foil nail on each hand. Beaitiful.

Like I said- I don't do red nails. But who can resist this!

Till next time

Mwah xxxx

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