Sunday, 10 January 2016

BHE Hair Straightener Update & Pics :)

Hey everyone:)

Thought I would do a little follow up- because I'm really loving my hair at the moment!

The BHE straightener has really improved the condition of my hair- and I saw the proof yesterday.

Cape Town has been so hot, and as I've mentioned before I sweat a lot from my scalp. I was on the point in the morning where I wake up with a head of urls- because I was sweatng so much during the night! It was really unbearable and  spent about a week being unable to sleep.

So yesterday, 09 January was the first day in 2016 that I blow dried my hair this year. I have been washing my hair every day and just walking around with curls in a ponytail since new years, because blow drying would just result in wet hair the next day. The weather cooled down and I decided I will wash, blow dry and flat iron my hair yesterday- even though I am going to the salon next week. Wet hair was driving me crazy- too much effort.

Now what makes the straightener so wonderful- in the past- since I can remember, whenever I wore my hair wet for a few days and I blow dry it afterwards, I would sit with a frizzy dried out mess. No matter what I did- I could fry my hair with a flat iron and apply all kinds of silicones, serums, treatents, masks, but I would still get awful results!

Yesterday I decided I will not apply a mask- seeing as my hair will look crap either way. So I just washed and conditioned my hair and blow dried it- still looked lke medusa after that LOL. My hair was feeling dry and rough becuase of washing and applying leave in conditioned for longer that a week daily. It really dries out my hair and it will usually look "normal" after the second wash.

Then I proceeded to iron my hair and I was seriously amazed. My hair was smooth, no frizz and it makes my hair sooooo soft! I have really never experienced hair this soft in my years with a flat iron. I just want to touch it.

There's also a spot on my crown where the hair would always be frizzy, and I can't even find that spot anymore. I have smooth hair, no frizz, no damage and no straightener smell (other irons leaves my hair smelling odd, especially in the first few uses when new).

I took a few more picture of this stunning iron,  as my first post didn't do the iron justice and I've had bit more time on my hands since the silly season is slowly coming to a end and my leave has finally arrived.

The BHE can be bought from Salon Online for R2169 (promo price R200 off, normal price is R2369) with free delivery via courier.

PS; Sorry all the pics are at the bottom- I wil rearrange them when I am back on a PC. Tablet is just soo much easier.


Invinsibobble! Love how it sits in my hair! No kinks!
The BHE set includes 1 Original Invinssibobble

Crocodile clips, it comes with 2 in the set

The cap- to safely cool down. Very handy with a busy 5 year old.

Branding at the base of the styler

I could not do the plates justice- it looks so much more glittery in real life

Temp Control/ On-Off buttons

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