Saturday, 2 January 2016

#2015 #Beauty Bargains:) #Sale

Hey everyone:)

A HAPPY 2016. I hope this is a great year for everyone and I will have a higher spot on the blog-chain by 2017:)

I love sharing and saving and what better place than here:) Well if you know me then you'll know I can't pass up a bargain. I simply love saving money LOL.

This past week after Christmas Dis-Chem's Big cosmetics sale started. I managed not to buy any fragrance sets that were half price- but the sale is still on :)

I currently own the Sensational gel mani set which I bought for R799.

Honestly it's such a schlep to get it off. I have thin- bendy nails as it is so I end up peeling half my nail with it- even after buffing off the surface and doing a long ass acetone bath. So I've used it about 4 or 5 times- once on my toes and 4 manicures (there's enough for 10 so it should be halfway used).

 I actually bought the set for the lamp- and planned to use the Essence Gel Nails at Home system. It was R60 for 7 ml of peel off base coat and R60 for the clear top coat and I could use any polish- sensationail is about R150 per colour and excluded base/topcoat). Then the horror- Essence discontinued the range to make way fr the "The Gel" system.

A few months ago I wanted to stock up- it was on "sale" for R62.95! The price had gone up from the initial R58 or something I had paid. I ended up leaving it and bought Gel at Planet Nails.

Now in the past 3 days I have bought:
3 Gel Effects Top Coats
5 Clear Gel Top Coats
1 Bottle of Gel Cleanser

I did not buy the peel off gel base- it damages my nails and I prefer to do the acetone then- I peel off half my nails with it.

All of the 9 items above was R20 each! I would have paid about R550 but I got them for R120. So I've got enough gel to last me a while :) I love the top coat. Help my mani stay put for almost 2 weeks, it's shiny and i love the way it feels.

I'm off to Foschini and Woolies for some more sale goodies. I'm stocking up for the year at half the price.


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