Sunday, 13 December 2015

The MakeUp Eraser South Africa

I've recently acquired a MakeUp Eraser.

Basically it's a replacement to all other forms of make up removal- be it wipes, make up remover on cotton balls, DIY remover... this one uses only...WATER! And it works!

The eraser comes in a cute little box that's shaped like an eraser- with an instructional card and the make up eraser. The box is so light I had to double check there's something inside.

The eraser i my favorite color- PINK! It's super soft and it has 2 different sides. The short side is to remove your make up- and the long nap side is to exfoliate your skin after make up removal. When it's wet it's hard to tell the difference- that's why the tag is on the long nap side.

You have to wash it before use- so instead of wasting litres of water in this heat with water restrictions in sight- I gave it a very very good hand wash. The liquid detergent doesn't foam much (as it's not made for hand washing) but it did the trick. I rinsed it till the water didn't have any residue, gave it a good wring and hung it to dry. After the wash I did notice some pink fibres on my hands so you really have to do this step.

Ok so there it hung for a few days because I was on a no make up week due to breakouts and I just melt in this heat anyway- and yesterday I used it for the first time. I was only wearing eyeliner pencil as well as liquid eyeliner with primer underneath and it was still as perfect as it was at 7am by 8pm.

I ran some warm water in the basin and thoroughly wet an area of the make up remover. It says to remove in circular motions- but I've also read to make the process a bit easier to "soak" the area a bit and then do your motions. So with my slightly warm eraser I rested the lappie on my eye, and after about 5 seconds started rubbing in a circular motion. Not seeing much on the fabric I didn't expect a difference- but 90% of tbe eyeliner had been removed! A few swipes and all was removed and I was left with non-panda eyes not even 2 minutes later! The make up eraser really shows stains though- but there will be a black one available in SA soon.

Here's a list of positive points and reasons to get a Make Up Eraser:

*It's economical- you can use it for years. Compared to the price of make up removers you save hundreds of Rands. It lasts 1000 washes!
*You only use WATER! NO chemicals!
*No stingy eyes (I have sensitive eyes)
*You just pop it in with your washing when it's dirty
*It removes waterproof make up with no fuss

If you would like to buy a MakeUp Eraser check out Makeup Eraser SA.

They are also sold at Ralo Cosmetics for only R295.00 for December 2015 only.

I give this product 10/10. You save money and get results. What's not to love!

Long side, which is the side with the labellabel(used to exfoliate)

Short side for make up removal

Packaging box shaped like eraser

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