Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Aerin Evening Rose EDP Review

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Today I will be writing a short post about one of Aerin's perfumes.

Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder and has her own range, ranging from fabrics to make up and also a perfume line.

Technically it's not one of the things I love... but I would just like to add it here.


The package is simple- the design is very unique. It sports a design from Aerin's fabric range and each of the perfumes has their own packaging to tie it to the scent's theme. There's a little card in the box with descriptions of the whole range.

The bottle is square with a very unique cap. The cap has a pink stone, the other perfumes in the range each sports it's own stone.

The bottle looks super small for 50mls. There's no thick glass bases, no frills, just plain, simple, beautiful...
The perfume's three main scents are rose, cognac, incense.

Aerin Lauder says:

"The pairing of Rose and Cognac are intriguing and unexpected, like the allure of an evening in the city." - Aerin Evening Rose is vibrant with contrast. Juicy Blackberry and rich Cognac unexpectedly blend with voluptuous Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian Rose Absolute in an intriguing, alluring elixir. Incense, sensuous and luxurious, imparts soft warmth, like a lingering memory of an unforgettable evening.

My Personal Review...

When I wear it all I smell is incense.As a child incense was a familiar smell... one which drove me up the walls. So the fact that I don't like it is just because I don't like the incense smell. My mom likes it on the other hand. Like I said... Personal preference.

Personally drives me nuts though but it's a beautiful scent which others love on me but I don't. The staying power is great, I can still smell the scent by the evening.

It's more of a evening prefume, which might work well in the intamite setting of a date or formal get together. But personally, I would go with something else. It's just really not for me.


Aerin perfumes are only available online in SA, which is the strangest thing ever because you will end up buying something based on reviews and descriptions, which differs with every nose and personal taste.
It's only available in 50mls and retails for R1495.00 from Estee Lauder South Africa. Pretty steep.
Honestly- I will NEVER buy this perfume or the rest in the range (unless they start stocking it in stores). It's really overpriced and I can think of a few favorites I would buy or a Edgars / Foschini tester box for less than R1000. I love the idea of a few testers and decide what you would like and exchange the voucher for a full one.
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