Monday, 26 October 2015

Cloud 9 Wide Iron


Well let me get down to my first "hardware" review...

I own a Cloud 9 wide iron. Before I start, just noteI have medium length, thin hair that's extremely curly. I usually do my hair poker straight or just smooth out a blowdry (I suck at blow drying my hair), because my hair can't hold curls after blow drying and spraying on a ton of hairspray on my just washed hair defeats the purpose of hair washing. I keep the hairspray for the fly aways.


The one I got over Christmas came with a limited edition bag. So it came in the sturdy Cloud9 box and inside was the straightener already in the bag with the instructions and a few samples (thank you Salon Online- so thoughtful) of Milkshake and No Inhibition products.

The Straightener

The straightener is BEAUTIFUL! My other baby.

I look after it like gold (it's expensive!) and I had my previous babyliss pro for YEARS and it never broke. I gave it away when I bought a Remington Pearl, which also didn't break. So I don't expect my Cloud9 to break anytime soon, even though reviews out there says it breaks easily, I've spoken to people who still has theirs after 2 years and going strong. It comes with a one year guarantee so be sure to use the heck out of it within the guarantee period LOL.

The base where the two sides join has a chrome effect carrying the C9 logo. The plates are a shimmery black, and the body is matt black. It feels quite heave (quality) but stull comfortable to use. On the handle "CLOUD NINE" stands out in it's white letters. So when you look at it you see...YES...this is a cloud nine.

The cable is super long (2.5m!) and it has a normal 2 prong plug- the flat one. I'm so used to straighteners/ blow drywers having the round 2 prong plug.

The straightener comes with the cutest turquoise cap that you put the straighteners in when storing- and it's heat proof so you just slide it on after use and put it away. I'm just always really careful about not having the cables near the hot plates- cover or not. The plates don't touch so it has enough circulation to cool. I just leave it on the dresser for 15 mins and then pack it away in the bag.

Let's Get HOT!

The straightener goes from "low...100 up to 220...max. I think the Low is lower than 100 and the Max is hotter than 220(you can set it on low or 100 or 220 or max so all have different temps)- but I don't know which temperatures those are and Google hasn't helped me.

When I plug in the straightener I switch it on, set it to 200 and by the time I have sectioned my hair the iron is ready. The iron beeps when you switch it on and the light flickers on the temp. Once you have a solid green light you're good to go. I would have loved a "beep" when it's reached the desired temp.

Straightening a Blowdry...

The iron is extremely good in smoothing out my blowdry. I'm the worst with a blowdryer- it's a frizzy thick mess. It takes me about 10mins to smooth a blowdry. I set the temp to 200 regardless, but when my hair is blowdried I take bigger sections and pull the iron through quickly.

From curly mess to sleek...

I'm the type of girl who is never in the mood to do my hair... unless I have something new to test I dread washing and blow drying and ironing my hair only to have it up in a ponytail the next day because my hair gets kinks in it so quickly. So in recent months (when it's not super cold) I'll wash my CURLY hair, let it air dry for a few hours and then straighten it. I don't use any products except for heat protection spray- which I'll put on 15mins before I start to prevent my hair from sizzling. It does an AMAZING job! I get more volume from my roots. No one would guess it was that curly mess just 20mins ago.When I do it from curls i brush my curls out with a paddle brush before ironing. I like it just because my hair being exposed to high heat once instead of twice. FYI when I put the straightener on Max it literally smells like my hair is burning. I don't get that with 200. I got this nifty little chart on the net... and 100 doesn't fork for me- even though my hair is fine. After an hour it would be a frizzy mess and I have to go over my hair a few times to get the sleekness I want- resulting in static!

HONESTLY THOUGH... I could do my hair with my R500 Babyliss pro, With the R800 Remington Pearl, with the Cloud Nine, all look the same but my hair feels much healthier and shinier with the Cloud Nine. Also the Remington gave me static hair for DAYS. Really!

My score... I've never owned a GHD but they usually do my hair with a GHD at the salon and I can get the same results (would be better if I used all the fancy shampoos and treatments they do at the salon) with my Cloud Nine at home. It doesn't snag my hair, going over my hair once is enough and I get brilliant results each time.

Overall I would give this straightener a 9/10
-1 for the fact that it doesn't beep and the only 1 year guarantee:) But really it's fab. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for an iron. GHDs have some serious competition out there and it seems like Glampalm is stealing the show.

On my wishlist this year is a Glampalm standard... I struggle to make small tight curls with the wide iron. And that could also be one of the reasons why my curls don't hold.

Until next time xxx
                                             Just to show you how curly my narural hair is

 After Blowdry
After Cloud 9

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