Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine Rapid Ruby

Hello Lovelies...

Well, this is long overdue. I had the mani about 2 weeks ago but life has just been super crazy!

As Rimmel claims the new and improved formula is a 3 in 1- base, color and top coat.

So seeing as I was being lazy and it looked like a 1 coat color i decided to put it to the test...

Epic fail!! Stain-ville at it's best. At least it wore off after 2 days but it was really a mission to get the staining off!

And with my base coat applied I usually get 3 days wear at least (as I'm sitting here I have majorly chipped but not terrible nails- but I'm on day 5!) and with this one it chipped literally as soon as it dried! And then I touched up and recapped my nails. And I had to take the polish to work. There is nothing uglier than a dark color chipped!

I will retest again, with base coat! I don't think it's the one coat, I used another shade with one coat as well and it wore the same as the rest. So I'm putting it down to base coat till I can prove otherwise :)


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