Saturday, 12 September 2015

How I make my manicure last longer...


Today I thought I would share with you how I make my mani last for a week plus without any chipping...

I have THE most brittle, bendy nails. So if I put on polish today and it lasts till tomorrow without chipping it's a miracle. That's why I've been so impressed with the Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine range, which lasts 3 days with only tipwear.

I can't wear uber cheap polish like some people can, these R5 bottles from the chinese shops. They just won't work- it chips as soon as it's dry- no matter what type of base and top coat I use. And it stains like a donkey.

So I've found 2 alternatives for when I know I won't have the time or energy to do a mani every 3-4 days., Sensationail Gel Mani- which lasts 2 weeks + (depending on how much it bothers me. I've peeled it on occasions and damaged my nails- I'm weird like that. If I'm stresses etc I fiddle with my nails).

Other alternative- put on a gel topcoat. I don't use base and topcoat (gelly sandwich), just a topcoat. It makes removal easier and I can change my mani more often without the dreaded acetone soak. It lasta about a week and a half- I usually do this in a french so when I can see my smile line I remove it.

If I don't prep my nails with extra care- it will peel within the day. And it can't be too long- gel gives me a bit of extra protection but it's still the same old nails.

I start off with Mavala Cuticle remover, then I wash/ Scrub my nails with good old soap. After that I apply my Mavala Base Coat and by the time I'm finished with my last finger it's dry. What I love about this base coat is that it makes a sticky canvas for the polish.

Then I paint my nails, I prefer using quick dry formula's because you HAVE TO wait until it dries COMPETELY. Otherwise it will be a molten I have melted nails look. Do not use any quick dry sprays. It makes an extremely oily layer, but if you are going to do the top coat on another day go ahead:) (Yes I've done that too- especially if the nail polish looks dry but feels like it's wet. Then i would rather wait until the next day, Any duvet print dissapears with the topcoat). With a french I usually use Avon Gel Finish Polish in Iceberg White. It stays on my nails and any other nail polish will come off gel and all.

Once your nails are dry just apply a coat or 2 of gel topcoat and cure for recommended time (I do 60 seconds instead of 30). At the moment I'm using a one step polish from planet nails and it works beautifully. I usually do 2 coats for all the spots I missed and around the edges where the polish pulled back during curing. It says white but it's clear with a teeny white tint. So I can't really use it for anything else except a top coat. I've never bought a polish there again.

Previously I used the Essence Gel Nails at Home Topcoat together with the peel off base coat. But the top coat is extremely yellow and discolors my nail polish and it's super thick and tacky, application is really difficult. I prefer the Ezee 1 step Gel polish which I bought for R120. The essence range has been discontinued.

As soon as I do another french I will post the pictures to this post. At the moment I'm still enjoying all the colours from Rimmel:)

Much Love

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