Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine Sweet Retreat

Hello Lovelies...

I am SOOO impressed impressed with this range of polishes!

Today I'm on day 5 and I have some tipwear and a small chip- but I blame my bendy nails and not the polish.

It applies so easlily- dries in a jiff and if I do it in the evening and it feels dry to me- I don't wake up with duvet prints on my nails which I've experienced A LOT of times...because I though the polish was dry.

The polish is really SUPER SHINY! Today it's not as shiny as it was 5 days ago when just applied and the colour has faded a bit but I still love it.

This colour is a creme light pink, so gorgeously girly I think it's my favourite even though I haven't tried the others yet. I'm a sucker for pink. But for my next polish I will try a darker or nude shade- because my extremely bright pink nails that look so perky in summery isn't fitting in to this gloomy winter weather.

Has anyone tried this polish? For R49.95 it's one of the most affordable polished out there (except when Avon has a special LOL) This is my favorite of the lot. I LOVE pink!

Mwah ...

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