Friday, 24 July 2015

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine- Peachella

Hello lovelies <3
I tried out the first color and it was such a hard choice but i went with peachella.  It's a lovely light peach creme polish. 

Other than the quick drying time the thing I love just as much is the brush! It's flat with a rounded tip so you literally need three swipes and i have much less clean up.  The brush is the perfect shape to not polish all over my cuticles especially when painting my right (non-dominant) hand. 

I'm 6 days in and noticed some tipwear on day 3 and today my left hand is presentable but my right hand isn't so much (and I tend to make the chips worse by messing with my nails when i see it's chipping.
In the pic it's one day after application. I did 2 coats and even though it says not to use base coat I started with a coat of mavala base coat.

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